Penn Conquer Spinning CQR8000

Published 8 months ago
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Penn Conquer Spinning CQR8000
Published 8 months ago


Penn Conquer Spinning CQR8000 Price US$ 110.00

The Penn Conquer Spinning Reel has many unique features including the Easy Access System for easy maintenance of the gearbox. The Easy Access System allows full access to the gear box with the removal of one screw but do not worry about losing parts as they are contained in the gearbox and will not fall out. The Penn Conquer also features Eternal Alloy spool lip that resists dents and scratches which maintains casting distance over the life of the reel. It also features Superline spool that allows the entire spool to be filled with braid without slippage due to a rubber gasket on bottom of the spool.

Other impressive features are:

EAS - Easy Access System allows maintenance hatch to be lowered to access key internal parts for lubrication
Eternal Alloy - The spool lip is made from a proprietary metal that resists dents and scratches, which maintains casting distance over the life of the reel
Superline Spool - No backing needed because of the rubber gasket keeps superline from slipping
Patented one-piece machined aluminum gear box
Forged, machined, and anodized aluminum spool
HT-100 drag washers provide smooth drag under heavy loads
Machine-cut alloy main gear
10 shielded stainless steel ball bearings
Infinite anti-reverse
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    110.00 USD
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