Sram Red eTAP Wifli HRD Disc Upgradekit Groupset

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Sram Red eTAP Wifli HRD Disc Upgradekit Groupset
Published 3 months ago


Sram Red eTAP Wifli HRD Disc Upgradekit Groupset Price US$ 1,100.00

No mountain too high and no descent too long. The Sram Red eTAP HRD Disc Upgradekit Wifli brings your bike with disc brakes to a whole new level. The Red eTAP Wifli group essentially consists of 4 components that work together wirelessly and seamlessly: the 2 shifters, and the front derailleur and a Wifli rear derailleur. Use right to shift up, left to shift to a lower gear, press both at the same time to change to a different chainring. The Formula 1 served as an inspiration, they asked the right questions and using the answers they created a whole new generation of cycling components.

The Sram Red 22 eTAp HRD shifters offer wireless electronic shifting with unequalled ergonomics in combination with the braking power of hydraulic disc brakes. The Sram Red eTAP Hydro brake needs less manual braking power than a traditional brake with cable and guarantees superior braking qualities in all conditions.

The Wifli concept can be used with a standard crank set or a compact model. If you choose a compacht model in combination with an 11-32 cassette you have a wide range. The lightest gear is 34-32. The 30-27 gear is the lightest gear on the triple.

The Upgrade Kit has 4 components Sram Red eTAP and the Hydro flatmount brakes, battery charger and the firmware updater, This way you can choose the components you need, without buying anything you already have.

Delivery includes
• Front derailleur: Sram eTAP, excl. battery, 136g*
• Rear derailleur: Sram eTAP Wifli excl. battery, 215g*
• Batteries: 2 x 24g = 48g*
• Shifterset: Sram Red eTAP HDR
• Brakes: Sram Red HDR flatmount brakes including hydraulic pipes

• Battery charger
• Firmware updater
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    1100.00 USD
    945.78 EUR
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