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ROTOR’s POWER is at the leading edge of the power market, offering power intelligence as never seen before. It analyzes far more than just the power an athlete generates, allowing those that choose it to improve not only their strength and fitness, but also muscle balance and pedaling technique.
Pedal Smart
When you’re competing at your maximum capacity, just trying to pedal harder isn’t going to get you ahead. True champions have to train and pedal smart.
The POWER is based on Rotor’s race-proven 3D+ crank. This makes it one of the lightest power measurement systems on the market, with just 30g weight penalty compared to a 3D+ MAS.
Unsurpassed Accuracy
It offers unsurpassed accuracy due to its exceptional 500hz data sampling rate and the placement of strain gauges in the heart of the hollow left and right crank arms. This design frees the power from the false readings many other systems struggle with (from asymmetrical deformation, lateral loading, road conditions and even shifting), accurately measuring all three axes of deformation to give extremely clean and reliable data.
Temperature drift immune
100% immune to temperature power drift
The POWER is one of the only power meters on the market that is 100% immune to temperature variation error. This is because the POWER measures in the crank arms, where no thermal tensions build up when the metal expands and contracts. Tested to standard waterproof procedures. This is called Statically indeterminate measurement and puts the POWER in a class of its own!
Micro Adjust Spider
More positions to suit every rider´s needs
The new Micro Adjust Spider (MAS), offers more positions to suit every rider’s needs. Our new advanced MAS spider has an alternative bolt hole placement allowing for intermediate positions between existing OCP (Optimum Chainring Position) of the Q-Ring. A standard crank in combination with the OCP of the Q-Rings, allows approximately 5 degrees of adjustment.
The MAS spider when used with Q-Rings offers half positions giving approximately 2,5 degrees. This means that you can micro adjust the position of your Q rings, to suit your riding style. There’s no additional weight penalty compared to previous aero spiders
Its bombproof trinity drilled crank arms resist bending and twisting forces better than classic hollow tube crank designs can, and feature an intelligent clamping system; the closed clamp concept (CCC). A CCC clamp comes out of our CNC machines in its closed position, being placed under strain only briefly during installation when the clamp is forced open and on tightening the bolt it returning to its nominal low-strain closed shape. This ingenious design sets the crank apart from any other system on the market, all of which are which are placed under strain by installation.
It works with everything!
The UBB (Universal Bottom Brackets) system is not a standard; It’s all standards. It allows installation of almost any 30 or 24mm axle crank from ROTOR on the bike you have, regardless of its BB type. ROTOR’s “UBB” super-standard encompasses all BB standards.
Solutions. That’s probably the best word to describe ROTOR’s design philosophy. We identify performance problems and set out to solve them, resulting in improved & optimized products.
Balanced measurement
Individual left & right “power balance” measurement.
Torque effectiveness (sum of clockwise pedaling power minus anti-clockwise drag).
Pedal smoothness (maximum torque vs. average torque).
Fast & easy
Fast & easy, tool-free battery replacement.
Standard Micro Adjust Spider (MAS) to give ultra-fine Q-Ring regulation.
Its UBB30 axle allows installation on almost any bike, irrespective of BB type.
ANT+™ compatible. Visit www.thisisant.com/directory for a list of compatible products.
Twin Leg Concept
TLC or Twin Leg Concept creates the best, most balanced cranksets.
Appropriate Light Weight Material Application or ALMA also means “soul” in Spanish.
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