Pinarello Dogma XM 9.9 Frameset 2015

Published 4 months ago
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Pinarello Dogma XM 9.9 Frameset 2015
Published 4 months ago


Pinarello Dogma XM 9.9 Frameset 2015 Price US$ 2888

With the Pinarello Dogma XM Frameset, the advanced thinkers at Pinarello solved a vexing problem that suspension bikes face. That is, how to make the bike rigid on smooth terrain while flexing when the going get rough. It's a great feat for any bike, and particularly for 29ers, where the added diameter can make suspension seem efficiency-robbing.

The solution is a swingarm design with five pivot points rather than the usual six, and a rear shock that isn't anchored to the frame, but to the bottom bracket. The shock is connected at the bottom via a machined-aluminum stand that it bolted to the BB92 bottom bracket. It's connected at the top to a machined-aluminum rocker arm that is simple and asymmetric. Also helping with allowing the suspension disappear when not needed and reappear when called on are the bushings at the pivots. Rather than using bearings that are big and heavy and can get sloppy, these IGUS fiber-reinforced plastic bushings are small and light and self-lubricating. They've been used on rollercoasters as well as industrial farming equipment. They can take the load. At the rear wheel, they designed a 12x142mm thru-axle to further eliminate the possibility of lateral flex.

Another challenge of rear suspension is shifting. The ability of the front derailleur to move the chain is often compromised by the stays moving around them. Pinarello solves this by mounting the changer on the right chain stay.

The main triangle of the Dogma XM benefits from the design advances Pinarello already made with the Dogma XC. The frame tubes, built with 65HM3K Torayca carbon-fiber plies, have the usual asymmetries associated with Pinarello. Light and stiff and comfort you can rightly expect. But they do most mountain bikes one better with their PinaFit with Forkstopper design. The highlight here is the lowered down tube. This lowers the center of gravity for easier balance. But it also increases lateral stiffness at the head tube. Wider bracing for improved stiffness is hardly news, but the reason you don't see this employed more often is because the lowered down tube is often in the line of the fork crown in a crash. Fearful of crash damage, most frames are raised to make sure the crown can swing through without a barrier. Pinarello decided the riding advantages were great enough that they designed a bumper system, the Forkstopper mentioned, to prevent the fork from damaging the frame.

Another crossover benefit is the X-Power seat post clamp. But increasing the size of the clamp, and spreading the force over four bolts rather than one, the amount of force needed to secure the post is dissipated. This design will work with any 31.6mm post you choose. Pinarello has also designed the frame so that if you want to run a remote seat post adjuster, there's room to run it internally, along with the rest of the cables.

The ride is based off the Dogma XC 9.9. This is the bike you want when the XC isn't plush enough for your preferred riding style. The included Fox shock has 80mm of travel.

Fox's 29'er Float FIT CTD fork with 90mm of travel is the included fork. The Climb Trail Descend platform is actuated from a handlebar-mounted remote. It takes a 15mm thru-axle wheel. Both the fork and the RAD mounts are designed to work with 160mm rotors. The seat tube diameter is 31.6mm.

The Pinarello Dogma XM Frameset gives the confident, comfortable ride Pinarello is known for with added comfort, and traction for the rear wheel.

Bottom Bracket Type BB92 Required
Fork Fox FLOAT FIT CTD 32 - 90mm Travel - 29"
Frame Material Carbon 65HM3K Torayca
Front Derailleur Type 35.0mm Clamp-On
Headset FSA
Rear Suspension Fox Float
Seatpost 31.6mm Required
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